Europeana Libraries: Content, Content, Content

The first phase of ingestion of content has finally begun in Europeana Libraries

It is now 8 months since the kick-off of the Europeana Libraries project and the first of the 5 million digital objects to be collected via Europeana Libraries have begun to be ingested.

Between now and the end of 2011 1.5 million objects will be ingested. This means that 9 of the 47 collections included in the project will have been processed by the end of this year.

The first phase of ingestion forms part of an ingestion schedule, which was created following a survey of the data contributors.

Already, about 1 million items are being processed from the Bodleian Library, University of Tartu Library, and the Bavarian State Library.

The Bodleian Library's contribution includes the largest collection of public domain digitized books and journals available in Europe and the outputs of more than a dozen selected special collection material from the hidden treasures of Oxford.

Autographs, photos, maps, letters by important  figures such as Emauel Kant, books and video clip will be ingested from the University of Tartu Library, whilst the Bavarian State Library will contribute 3-D digital books and unique medieval manuscripts. 

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